All Your Reserve Documents in One Place!

Property Diagnostics, Inc. now offers a secure storage area for all your properties Reserve Study documents.  For a nominal fee PDI will generate a password protected Dropbox folder for your property.  This folder will include past and present Reserve Studies, the excel spreadsheets associated with your property and any invoices that have been submitted as work completed!

Gain instant access to current & past studies!

Submit invoices for completed work that will be examined during future Reserve Studies!

Access Excel spreadsheets & play out alternative funding strategies!

Track your progress:

Inside your properties Dropbox folder you will have access to all reports, past and present, performed by PDI.  If your previous report was done by another company you can submit it to us and we will add it to your folder.  It's always a good idea to see where you've been and where you're headed!

Funding strategies:

Every property Dropbox folder will include the associated spreadsheets.  This is a great tool that allows a property to play-out several different funding strategies and find what works best for your association!

Unique reserve updates:

PDI encourages all of our properties to submit invoices for work completed.  These invoices are uploaded to each folder and thoroughly examined during your properties future updates.  This helps us develop a study that's unique to your property!

We take pride in our reports being straightforward and easy to navigate.

Download a free sample report.

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